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How to apply wollastonite

Annually spread wollastonite at a rate of 4 to 9lb per 100 sq.ft. Apply at a higher rate to manage existing issues: yellowing, pests, diseases, soil compaction, and acidity.

For example if you lawn is 40 ft x50 ft = 2000 sq.ft./100 sq.ft = 20 * 6lb (average application rate) = 120 lb of wollastonite.

Wollastonite, its formula CaSiO3, is a calcium-silicate mineral which forms naturally when impure limestone is subjected to high temperatures and pressure. It is relatively rare, produced in a handful of places throughout the world. Its high versatility is due to its distinctive chemical composition, mineralogical structure and physical properties.

This mineral has SO many uses because of its unique characteristics, but chances are that you haven’t heard of it. Its current applications include: paints, ceramics, plastics, friction products (brakes, clutches), construction materials (safe substitute for asbestos), environmental rehabilitation (phosphorus and heavy metal absorption), and most surprisingly: as a natural grub treatment and fertilizer!

Wollastonite is bright white with a pearly luster, and when it is fractured, this soft mineral (4.5-5 on the Mohs scale) splinters unevenly into needle-like fragments. It is because of those splinters that it is successful as a grub treament—the tiny crystals pierce and lacerate the grubs which leads to their dehydration and death.

As a fertilizer, when wollastonite breaks down it becomes a great natural soil amendment, supplying calcium (Ca), plant available silicon (Si), and traces of magnesium (Mg) and other beneficial elements to the soil. These help to increase carbon storage, balance the pH of the soil, and increase environmental stress tolerance in the plants by strengthening their root systems.


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Wollastonite features:

  • All-natural and organic and doesn't burn plants and is compatible with common fertilizers

  • Can be applied anytime

  • Supplies calcium and balances soil pH

  • Improves yield, color, and flavor

  • Converts carbon dioxide into soil minerals for permanent storage

  • Protects plants from pests, diseases, and stress from climate extremes

With the bonus of being natural pest control, wollastonite is the magic sprinkle you need to give your grass a boost for a healthy, beautiful lawn! 

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