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How to control weeds in your garden.



  • MULCH, MULCH, MULCH Mulch acts as a suffocating blanket by preventing light from reaching weed seeds. At the same time, it holds moisture for your plants and provides nutrients for your soil . Cover the soil between plants and along rows with mulch to block daylight and inhibit growth.

  • SAVE THOSE YOUNG PLANTS. It's critical to keep weeds away from newly emerging seedlings. Keep your crops weed-free for the first four weeks of their life.

  • BOIL THEM ALIVE. If you have pesky weeds in a spot with no nearby grass or valuable plants, boil water and pour it over the unsuspecting weeds. To control the stream of boiling water and to save surrounding plants and your toes from a scalding, use a teakettle.

  • CLOSE RANKS. If your soil is rich and well tilled, plant your crops closer together than is commonly recommended to further cut down on weed growth.

  • CUT THEM OFF AT THE PASS. Another method is to remove weeds from the soil before you plant your garden.

  • OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Use a grass whip or string trimmer and cut off their heads before they flower.

  • TRIM THE EDGES. Keep the edges of your property mowed to cut down on invasions of weeds into your fertile garden soil.



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Any plant that grows where you don't want it to is considered a weed. Grass growing in the lawn is turf. If the same plant grows outside the lawn edge, it becomes a weed.

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