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Light Up your nights with Green Warriors Landscaping

Landscape outdoor lighting is a small feature that can make your landscaping features really stand out.  Landscaping lights, also known as “low voltage” outdoor lighting are weatherproof and the lights can be used to illuminate your garden pathways, flower beds, specific trees, alongside driveways, along retaining walls, walkways, and more.  “Low Voltage” refers to the 12volt power these lighting systems require, which is much lower than household standard of 120 volts.

The right type of lights placed in the right areas can dramatically change the look of your home for the better, not only making it a more comfortable place to spend your time, but also increasing its overall value.

Landscape outdoor lighting installation even helps you get more out of your backyard, allowing barbecues and parties to last well after dark.

Call Green Warriors to book your landscape outdoor lighting installation project in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

Landscape Lighting Has Two Main Components


Transformers come in a variety of sizes to match the number of fixtures in the systems, and varying quality of construction.



The fixtures are the final and most exciting part of the landscape lighting system.

There are two basic types of fixtures: path lights and spot lights.


Path lights are very decorative lamps that are seen both night and day. Because they are exposed and very much a part of your landscape decor, many customers enjoy picking the style and colour of path lamps themselves just as they would front door hardware, or trim and mouldings inside their house.

Spot lights are generally fairly hidden and are used to shine outdoor light from the base of a tree or shrub upwards inside the foliage to create a stunning nighttime effect! 

Benefits of Landscape Lights Installation

  • Add your home’s curb appeal.

  • Add home value and increase interest from homebuyers. The right type of lights placed in the right areas can dramatically change the look of your home for the better, not only making it a more comfortable place to spend your time, but also increasing its overall value

  • Increase personal safety on your property after the sun goes down. Your family and visitors to your property can safely walk through and around your property without tripping or stumbling on unseen hazards

  • Boost home security. Prevent Burglaries And Vandalism.

  • Allow outdoor events to continue past sunset. Landscape lighting can significantly expand your living space while extending your time for recreation, relaxation, and entertaining outdoors

  • Low energy cost. Running your lighting system will be very inexpensive because all the lights we use are low-voltage, meaning that you’re using off only one transformer to run all your outdoor lights. The exact energy cost will, of course, vary depending on how many lights you have installed and the overall size and scope of the project.

Outdoor Landscape Lights Installation projects


Whether you want to add lighting for aesthetics or for security purposes, our professionals can enhance your curb appeal with strategically placed landscape and architectural lighting.

Do you have any more questions about landscape lighting? Contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a free consultation anywhere in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

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