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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation.

Water is essential to all life… too little water and we die, too much and we drown.

The irrigation sprinkler system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It provides you with a healthy and beautiful landscape, saves you money, and frees up your time to engage in the activities you truly enjoy. The right amount of water at the right time keeps your grass vibrant and healthy. A good irrigation system will bring you the joy of that beautiful, green lawn.

  An irrigation system is a sprinkler system for your home that is underground. Interest in underground irrigation systems seems to increase every year. The advantages over portable sprinklers are many, but the most obvious is the pleasure of not having to constantly move the sprinklers around the whole lawn.


  In the majority of cases, underground systems are also more efficient. Sprinkler heads apply predictable amounts of water over an exact area, eliminating the worst feature of portable sprinklers—uneven water distribution.

Booking for 2023 Irrigation system Installation is  OPEN!

The Benefits of Installation of an In-Ground Irrigation System:

- Save Time

  Free yourself from manual labor. Waking up early or arriving home just to water your lawn will no longer be your reality. An underground irrigation system does the watering for you while you sleep early in the morning or if you’re away from home for a vacation. 

By installing an automatic sprinkler system, your new reality will be that you will have plenty of time to do the things you love. The timer of the sprinkler irrigation system adapts to the climate you live in and your lawn or garden.

- Save Money

  Money and water aren't wasted with an automatic lawn irrigation system. The system is programmed and timed. The system uses rain sensors to ensure no water is wasted.


- Save Water

  Water is a precious natural resource and conserving it is our responsibility. No more wasting water when you have an in-ground irrigation system. Overwatering and water wasted from runoff streaming down the street can be avoided with an irrigation system. 

 An automatic irrigation system will not irrigate your lawn when there are heavy rains.

 An automated irrigation system distributes the right amount of water deep into the plant root system. 

This is a better and more portioned volume of water, instead of throwing liters and liters with a hose.

- Increase of Property Value and curb appeal

  There will be a rise in the property price if you install an irrigation system for your lawn. Since the yard is well-watered and healthy, the plants and flowers look vibrant adding to the aesthetics of any home making it more valuable. 

- Weeds and diseases prevention

  When different elements of landscaping are growing well, they actually help reduce the possibility of disease and weeds. Too much water is often harmful to the soil and sometimes can be more harmful than not enough water.

Irrigation systems do a lot toward weed prevention because water is only delivered when and where needed. Watering deeply builds a thick and healthy lawn by encouraging deep root growth and winning the competition against the majority of weeds.

- Preservers soil structure and nutrients.

  When you water your lawn with a hose, you allow for too much water to seep into the soil. Then, this results in fewer nutrients available due to water runoffs. When you water with a hose, the soil becomes compacted. Thus, when you use an irrigation system, you produce smaller droplets. Therefore, preserving nutrients and reducing soil compaction.

The grass is also irrigated to wash in fertilizers and some pesticides following their application, maintain sufficient surface moisture to promote germination of intersected turfgrasses, and to modify turfgrass tissue temperatures on hot days by a practice called syringing (which is essentially watering the lawn a very small amount—like misting—in order to cover the top of the grass to promote cooling the leaf through evaporation).

In-ground sprinkler systems must be professionally designed and are a permanent underground fixture. The piping may be galvanized iron or plastic PVC depending on how cold it gets in the winter.  In Ontario, we use PVC pipes.


These systems are usually divided into sections serving a certain number of sprinkler heads at a time. This is because there isn’t enough city water pressure to supply a larger lawn all at once. Each section is called a zone (or station) and is supplied by its own valve. To operate a manual system, you must open the valve to turn on the sprinklers in that station. With an automatic system, a time-clock controller does this for you.


Irrigation systems for lawns are different from elsewhere in the landscape because the lawn must be mowed, and it wouldn’t make sense to have to work around upright sprinklers. Plus, they would look weird. Lawn heads lie below the surface of the grass and “pop up” when they water. Afterwards, they go back to a flat position.


irrigation system installation

Main components when installing a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler heads.

There is a wide variety of sprinkler heads for every conceivable application, but most residential lawns and gardens can be best served by using adjustable, pop-up lawn sprinkler heads with full, half-circle, and quarter-circle watering patterns. When not in use, the head rests flush to the ground, out of the way of mower and foot traffic. Each sprinkler head is designed to discharge a specific number of gallons per minute over a given radius, and each head requires a certain water pressure in order to achieve its designed throw.

sprinkler head photo

Control Valves.

 Your irrigation system will have to be divided into a number of separate circuits that operate one at a time. There probably will not be enough available water pressure to water the entire lawn at once. Each circuit will have a separate control valve. Together, all the control valves compose the manifold, which should be placed in a convenient location.


Irrigation controllers are also called irrigation timers. They can offer user-friendly features, water-saving options, and are easy-to-use—just set up the timer to water the lawn according to its needs (it’s ok to adjust it if you didn’t get it right the first time). Upgrading to a Wi-Fi controller lets you manage your irrigation system from anywhere worldwide, and can offer predictive watering based on weather forecasts in the area.

sprinkler head

Rain sensor


 A rain sensor communicates with the irrigation controller about the level of rainfall and stops the cycle from running if the grass is receiving enough moisture. This allows you to conserve water thus saving the cost of paying for water and electricity to run the pump. It also helps extend the life span of the irrigation system—parts that are utilized less frequently will last longer, especially effective during rainy seasons.

Rain Bird rain sensor.jpg

Sprinkler irrigation system installation steps:

1. Map out the irrigation system

We will measure all surfaces and structures on your property (house, pool, deck, walkways, lawn, flowerbeds, etc.) and will calculate the number of watering zones for each surface area. We will mark the sprinkler head locations with small flags.

2. Dig trenches for the irrigation pipes


3. Install the box and pre-assembled valve

4. Install the pipes

5. Install the sprinkler heads

6. Install the programmable control unit which tells the valves when to open and water specific areas for an allotted amount of time 

7. Install the rain sensor

8. Bury the pipes and valves. Backfill the trenches

9. Adjust the sprinkler for heads for proper watering direction

inground irrigation
install of irrigation system

  Our home sprinkler irrigation systems take the hassle out of beautiful garden landscapes. Your new lawn sprinkler system will be fully automated and is installed with an irrigation control box for a multi-function time setting. You can program exactly when and how much to water. 

Our company installs underground sprinkler irrigation systems in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with only top-of-the-line products. 

  We work with 2 of the best quality parts manufacturers on the market, Hunter, and Rainbird. This ensures that your new system has the most up-to-date technology that will efficiently water your landscape.

sprinkler irrigation technician certificate

We are certified professionals in sprinkler irrigation system installation


 Our company’s warranty guarantees all of our systems will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation.  The warranty does not cover the cost to modify or change the original system. The warranty period ends on the three-year anniversary of the original installation date.

Our Irrigation system installation projects

installation of irrigation
install of inground system
underground irrigation
underground sprinkler system
irrigation system
sprinkler installation

 Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is a low-pressure, low-volume garden watering system.   A drip irrigation system keeps roots moist, but not soaked, all while using less water than other irrigation techniques. It makes this system one of the most efficient methods of watering. 

 Choosing to install an irrigation system is a worthwhile investment. With proper care, these systems can last up to a decade or longer, which is a large break from a tedious part of the work involved in caring for your lawn, and more time spent enjoying it with your family.

Our Irrigation & Sprinkler  Services include:

  • New irrigation system installations

  • Lawn and garden sprinkler systems

  • Existing irrigation system repairs

  • Irrigation blowouts (winter closing). Learn more

  • Sprinkler system spring startups

  • Residential & Commercial irrigation systems

   Do you have any more questions about irrigation sprinkler system installation? Contact Green Warriors company for a free consultation anywhere in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. 

  Reach us now at 905 771 5339 ! We are prompt at answering our phone and email.

Green Warriors company offers underground irrigation sprinkler system installation  in Concord, Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughan, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Newmarket, Kleinburg, Bradford, King City, East Gwillimbury, Brampton, Aurora, Etobicoke, Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto Ontario

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