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Sodding in the fall

  It’s a perfect time to install new sod! Most people (erringly) believe that spring or summer is the only time that the new grass will grow, but there are benefits to sodding in the fall. It is a great time to lay down sod.


  Autumn sod installations are successful because of the unique growing cycle of the grass. Logically, spring and summer are associated with vegetative growth as its the time of the year where plants are greenest and growing the most. Grass is a little bit different because during the peak summer heat, with water harder to come by, grass slows down its growth and can actually go dormant throughout the hot and dry conditions. It does this to conserve resources in order to survive the summer, even with the abundant sunlight available. It takes a LOT of consistent watering to maintain the grass with the moisture it needs to resist its tendency to go dormant (or dry up completely) during the summer.

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All of our fall sod installations have their warranty extended to the end of May of the following year.

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 Fall, however, brings cooler weather and less moisture loss to evaporation. It is simpler to care for newly installed sod as it requires less maintenance with the lower temperatures and the extra precipitation during the cooler season. Where spring leads to vigorous leaf growth to recover from winter and take in all of the sunlight available, fall growth for grass tends to focus on roots. This is due to the upcoming winter; the grass will grow its roots deeper into the ground in preparation for dormancy. This is perfect for new sod because that is exactly what you want it to do—grow deep roots to establish itself.  The faster the roots establish, the fasted you have a lush, beautiful lawn, and with a fall installation, you are good to go right away, and get to enjoy the fresh lawn right away next spring!


  Any time of the year (besides the obvious winter when the ground is frozen) is a good time to lay down new sod. Fall, however, is a great time, as the bonus during this season is that fall is FAR less busy to schedule a sod installation, since most people try to book it during the spring or early summer seasons. 


  If you are thinking about installing your new grass during the fall, but you’re worried that the grass might not have enough time to establish itself before the weather gets too cold, we have an extended warranty in place for your peace of mind: all of our autumn sod installations have their warranty extended to the end of May of the following year to ensure that the grass is growing successfully after winter dormancy.

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Falling Leaves

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