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Sprinkler system winterizing (winterization)

  The Sprinkler system is a great helper in taking care of the lawn, but when the warm days are over you need to think about preparing your irrigation system for the winter.

  When the ground freezes over it causes any water remaining in the sprinkler system to expand which can cause pipes to burst, cause damage to valves, and even break backflow devices. It is essential to remove all of the water from the pipes before the freezing temperatures arrive.

  When you "Winterize" your irrigation system, you help yourself avoid the cost of repairs and steer clear of possible flooding when the sprinklers are activated in the spring.
Removing water from the equipment is the key to preventing damage, and a sprinkler blowout is the most effective way to clear irrigation pipes.
However, this method is also the most dangerous and is best left to professionals.

Booking for  2021 Irrigation system blow out is still OPEN!

Secure your spot for sprinkler system closing! 

Sprinkler closing
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Green Warriors Landscaping will provide Sprinkler system Winterization blow-out service starting October 12th (right after Thanksgiving). 

The price depends on the number of zones. Please contact us to get a free quote for your is sprinkler system winterization.

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  Do you have more questions about the sprinkler system closing service?

  Would you like to get a FREE quote for irrigation system winterizing?

  Contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a free consultation.

  Reach us now at 

(905) 771- 5339 !

We are prompt at answering our phone and email.

Sprinkler system winterization- Irrigation sprinkler system closing services (Sprinklers winterizing) in Concord, Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughan, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Newmarket, Kleinburg, Bradford, King City, East Gwillimbury, Brampton, Aurora, Etobicoke, Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto Ontario

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