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What Are Interlocking Pavers?


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Paving stones, also known as interlocking pavers, have become the most popular choice to use when creating beautiful outdoor spaces within the decade. Although pavers date back to Roman history and were used in the Great Wall of China, homeowners are now growing to see the endless short and long-term benefits of interlocking paver stones.

While brick driveways have been popular for centuries, new interlocking pavers provide more durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance than ever before. Interlocking pavers are attractive and can withstand the rough Canadian winters and everything our tough climate can throw at them. Interlock pavers come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, ensuring you get the outdoor vision you desire.

During the installation process, paving stones become interlocked with the addition of paver jointing sand. This material locks pavers in place by filling in the joints completely from top to bottom, creating friction in the joints. This friction in the joints disperses weight load over a greater area, meaning that paving stones are able to withstand the weight of vehicles of all sizes, large parties and more.

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interlock like wood

Benefits of Interlocking Pavers

  • Adding curb appeal to your home and increase of property value.

  • A wide range of design options

Interlocking pavers  come in a variety of colors, styles and designs, which can give you the flexibility you need to make your home the comfortable, welcoming looking place you want it to be.

  • Flexibility

Concrete and asphalt are rigid systems, they cannot move along with the shifting earth beneath them. As the ground shifts, asphalt and concrete shift with it, causing the materials to break and causing sights of cracks and chips. Interlocking pavers, on the other hand, are individual units that are sand jointed together. When the ground shifts, the interlocking stones shift along with it without breaking, cracking, or chipping.

  • Easy Repair and No Cracks

If an interlocking paver cracks or gets damaged in some way, it is so easy to repair. It can be lifted and replaced without much hassle at all, unlike having to repair a concrete slab, where you would have to demolish it and start over again. Individual concrete pavers are relatively inexpensive, so replacing them won’t break the bank. For this reason, the maintenance costs involved are very low.​

  • Durability

Interlocking pavers are designed so that there are ridges on the wall of the paver. During installation special grades and sizes of sand is sifted between the pavers. When installed correctly they will not shift or sink. This makes interlocking pavers a very strong and sturdy surface material. Additionally paving stones are manufactured with less water content than “poured in place concrete”, so the stones are more durable and last longer. That’s important and impressive, especially if you have large trucks and toys such as boats and bikes that you pull on a trailer.


  • Interlocking pavers have a lower moisture absorption rate

Interlocking pavers are dense and have very few to no air pockets. Concrete is not as dense due to the pouring and setting process, thus, concrete is full of air pockets. Air pockets not only mean low durability with a higher chance of cracking, but it means the fewer the air pockets, the lower the moisture absorption rate. Concrete has a high moisture absorption rate, meaning water more easily seeps in causing expansion and cracking. Having a lower moisture absorption rate means patio pavers are more durable in colder and wetter climates. Rest assured knowing your pavers hold up through the winter months with ease. Because of the density, water is unable to seep in so there is no risk of expansion or cracking from within.

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