Core Aeration is basically perforating the soil as well as the thatch covering soil. A lawn aerator removes small portions of soil from your lawn in cylinder shaped plugs, allowing thick, compacted soil to expand into the vacated spaces as the grass grows. Core aeration allows air to get into the root system, breaks up the compaction of soil, and allows water and nutrients into the root zone . A regularly aerated lawn will encourage a healthy plethora of microorganisms that can decompose organic material and lawn thatch.


  • Improves Grass Root System

  • Reduces Soil Compaction

  • Encourages new growth from your existing lawn

  • Breaks Down Thatch

  • Reduces Weeds Over Time

  • Saves Water & Reduces Run Off

  • Stimulates Beneficial Micro-Organisms

  • Improves Germination of Grass Seed


The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season. Aerating when the grass is actively growing will encourage the roots of the grass to grow back in the holes left by the aerator, so your lawn won’t be left with empty spaces in the soil for very long.

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