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Sodding (Lawn installation) in Aurora

   Green Warriors is a fast-growing landscaping company based in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) proud to provide our sodding(sod/lawn installation) services for our commercial and residential customers in Aurora. 

Sodding or Sod / Lawn installation is the best and quickest solution to get a nice and healthy lawn in 1 day. Sod is grass rolls cut using special commercial equipment from a well-established field of grass and installed at other locations. A sod covers the prepared surface completely and virtually eliminates evaporation of water from the soil and loss of soil by erosion. We are using only premium quality sod from local sod farms and ready to be delivered and installed anywhere in Greater Toronto Area. Green Warriors company provides 90 days warranty for all sod installation projects for sod and labor. We have already provided our services to hundreds of satisfied customers from Aurora.


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Sodding benefits:

  •  Grass roots provide immediate erosion control on a steep slope;

  •  Green Warriors equipped to install up to 5000 sq. ft of sod per 1 day, for most of our projects we are able to transform your back/front yard into up to 1 day!

  •  The fresh and green sod will increase your property value;

  •  Reduces pollution level and generates oxygen;

  •  Helps to cool your house during the summer season by absorbing the sunlight;

  • Creates a safe environment for kids and pets, reduces noise level.;

  • A premium-quality turf is available for use much more quickly than with other methods and there is less investment of time and work by the homeowner;

  • Sod can be installed almost anytime between mid-April through the end of November (in contrast to seeding ) when the ground isn’t frozen. Green Warriors avoid installing sod so late in the winter that the root system doesn’t have time to penetrate the soil adequately before the soil freezes.

Sodding process

We use 100% Kentucky Bluegrass freshly cut from a local farm. 




 For all our landscaping services in Aurora we use only commercial grade equipment and high-quality materials to ensure providing the best for our customers.

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We are happy to offer sod installation services to both Residential and Commercial customers.

Learn more about Commercial Sodding.

Factors that affect the cost of sodding ( New lawn installation ):

Grading issues – uneven areas, or significant changes to the terrain, may affect the cost of installing a new lawn

Project size – the larger the area to be sodded the lower will be the cost per square foot.

Quality of existing soil – depleted, clay soil requires more than just one inch of soil to be worked in.

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Sod Installation process in Aurora:

1. Remove and dispose of any existing grass/ lawn by cutting it with a sod cutter for smaller residential sodding projects and using the bigger machinery for commercial projects.

2. Leveling the topsoil.

Adding the topsoil and leveling it to make sure there is enough room to root in. Also very important in the installation of grass is to ensure that the land slopes correctly to avoid any puddling of water after a rainfall.

3. Using a lawn roller and final leveling.

A sod roller is a heavy drum that is filled with water and can be pushed, using a handle, across the lawn to reveal the low and high spots for better leveling.

4.Laying down new sod (turf rolls) and rolling again to help the sod make good contact with the soil, remove air pockets under the sod strips, and press the roots firmly into the soil. If air pockets are not removed, they can potentially result in drying of the root system, causing dead spots on the surface. Our sod is always fresh, cut out at the sod farm, and delivered to your property on the installation day.

5.Watering new lawn.

The final step is watering. We will give the grass about 1 inch of water right after the sod installation process is finished.

6. Cleaning up after the sod installation.

We offer 90 days WARRANTY on labor and sod. LEARN MORE about our sod warranty.

If you decide to install new sod, please, consider the following adds on:

- Sprinkler Irrigation System

- Outdoor Landscape Lighting

It’s better to install them before the lsod installation (to avoid damaging the new lawn) and get a bundle price.

When is the best time to install new sod? 

What to do after the new sod is installed?

Is it OK to walk on freshly laid sod?

How much time does it take for sod lines to disappear?

Will laying sod kill all weeds?

What is the warranty for sod?

Read our 

to find the answers!


  Do you have more questions about Sod Installation in Aurora?

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Aurora is a town in central York Region in the Greater Toronto Area, within the Golden Horseshoe of Southern OntarioCanada. Aurora has been ranked in the top 10 wealthiest towns in Canada.

Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe gave the order for Yonge Street to be extended to Holland Landing in 1793, the first step toward the establishment of a community where Aurora now stands. Yonge Street opened between 1794 and 1796. In 1795, the first house in Aurora was built at Yonge St and Catherine Av. 

Aurora was the childhood home of Lester B. Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968, when his father, Rev. Edwin Pearson, was the Methodist minister.

Aurora is noted for preserving its historical built form and in 2008 was awarded The Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership.


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