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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation in Brampton, Ontario.

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Brampton is a city in the GTA, and also a lower-tier municipality in Peel Region. The great thing about living in Brampton is that you have all of the benefits of living in Toronto without the hefty price tag. Brampton is a diverse, multicultural, and affordable city, with excellent options for education and reliable transportation system. Located approximately 40 km to the north-west of downtown Toronto, Brampton is right next to Toronto Pearson International Airport. Brampton remains of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, with over 50% of the population born outside of Canada, and many of Brampton’s residents coming to settle in the city from Asia—from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines. This makes Brampton take 5th place in Canada for the population of immigrants compared to the total population.


Many great education options for school-age children can be found in Brampton, quality elementary and secondary schools are even available that focus on incorporating the French language. The Sheridan Institute can be found in Brampton, and it is Canada’s Premier Polytechnic Institute, known internationally for classical and computer animation programs. On top of that, Brampton City Council launched the Brampton 2040 project in 2018, which consists of free transit that will loop around the whole city, a green network to connect every ravine and park, an to develop an “Uptown” in Brampton.


Brampton has a rich, culturally diverse population. This means that Brampton might be the best place in the GTA, to find food and restaurants that you might not come across anywhere else. There is a seasonal outdoor market that goes from June – October in Brampton, and holds a diverse selections of produce, prepared foods, and baked and artisan goods. Art and culture are a prominent part of Brampton, with world class shows, multicultural performances, musical theatre, theatre, and other year-round entertainment options available in downtown Brampton.

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Brampton Water Use By-Law

There are no restrictions on outdoor water use in Brampton, except when there is an “outdoor water use advisory” in Peel Region.


Green Warriors has installed a number of sprinkler irrigation systems in Brampton, all of which can be programmed to follow a schedule that is set to comply with the water restriction rules in place. With your irrigation system taking care of the work for you, you are free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about dry grass.


A sprinkler irrigation system is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective investment for your yard. Your lawn will look its best when it is being consistently watered, and the sprinkler system will be able to do it more evenly than it is possible to water by hand. The automatic irrigation system can be programmed to follow and time/day restrictions that are in place during the summer, without any worries about dead grass or a fine, and the grass is going to grow healthy and green even while you are away from home.


The sprinkler irrigation system saves hours of your time for you to spend with your family enjoying your yard, rather than maintaining it. The irrigation system also saves you money on the monthly water bill, due to how evenly it distributes water. The proper watering by your automatic sprinkler system will also help to prevent plant disease because watering by hand can cause standing water in your lawn is where they form, but having an irrigation system will allow for even coverage that prevents this with even water distribution. Drip irrigation systems target the roots of plants beneath the soil by feeding the root ball water directly, which practically eliminates water loss to evaporation, and are great for installing in your garden beds. Drip irrigation systems help reduce the weeds in your garden bed by providing targeted water only to the desired plants to help them thrive while the weeds struggle to establish themselves. The sprinkler irrigation system also makes it harder for weeds to establish in your lawn, because healthy, consistently watered grass will have a great root system and grow too thickly to make room for weeds.


Sprinkler irrigation systems also increase property value. Your home looks so beautiful with a lawn full of vibrant, green grass, and that curb appeal is brought about effortlessly by your sprinkler system doing almost all of the work. The investment in having an automatic sprinkler irrigation system has many benefits, and with proper maintenance, your sprinkler system will last up to a decade, and leave you to enjoy the fruits of manual watering labour that the irrigation system will take care of for you.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.


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