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residential property maintenance

One time CLEAN-UP service includes:

  • Removal of all dead leaves and debris from lawn and garden (hedges, bushes and shrubs)

  • Pickup of garbage present on site

  • Professional lawn moving

  • Edging and trenching

  • Clean-up & blowing of clippings from driveways & sidewalk

  • Tree and shrub pruning and trimming

  • Re-seeding damaged parts of the lawn

  • Debris properly disposed in bags and collected or placed at end of driveway for city pickup if you prefer

Best time for SPRING CLEAN-UP: late March or early- to mid-April

Copy of spring is around the corner! (1)

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance (April 1 - October 31 or TBD) package includes: 

  • Spring and Fall cleanup;

  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) grass cutting;

  • Trimming, edging;

  • Power blowing entire area;

  • Debris removal;

  • Weed Control;

  • Tree and shrub pruning;

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