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Light Up your nights

with Green Warriors Landscaping

Landscaping has exited for centuries, with the practice going as far back as ancient times, where humans manipulated the landscape for practical and agricultural, as well as aesthetic purposes. Changes to the terrain were planned out and constructed, and plants were added or removed, as necessary to make improvements.


In our modern times, landscaping plays a large role in our society—everywhere you turn, there is landscaping all around! Society lives in a large, common landscaped zone. The modification of our natural areas into habitable terrain is everywhere around us, and landscaping turns the outside areas of your property into your into a special space. The most common landscaping we think of today is of our own homes, beautifying our yards to enhance our properties or create functional areas for outdoor activities. We now consider the hardscape (patios, pathways, walls, stone features) and softscape (everything that grows—grass, soil, plants, trees) when landscaping our yards.

Landscaping can be done in your backyard, front yard, or both. Even the sides of the house can be augmented into a pleasant and/or functional space that gives your house a glow up! Most of us will get our ideas and references for what we would like to add to our yardscape by browsing pictures online or in magazines, or maybe we’ve been inspired by a show that we watched where we saw how a property renovation gave the old house a new chance at looking great and being the new focal point of the neighbourhood.


Whatever it was that inspired us, getting expert advice is indispensable when you are planning our your ideas for your garden retreat, or that curb appeal that will have your house standing out. Your outdoor living space is as important to plan right as your indoor space was—there are many things to consider for your landscape such as the cost, maintenance and drainage, form and function, style, sustainability, hardscape and softscape features, lighting, there is always a challenge to consider to maximize the function of the space and what you desire in it!


Landscaping is an important part of our daily lives. Without landscaping, urbanization of the spaces around us would feel dreary and repressive. It is in our nature to enjoy for the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors and to create with natural elements a green space that brings life to our home.


Landscaping is a creative process but also very technical. There is a science to the design and execution of landscaped project, beginning with a designing phase that leads it to the construction of the final product. An expert will take in the terrain and work with the existing conditions—sun, space, slope, shade, and soil—and create it into the gorgeous retreat of your dreams, at your very own doorstep.


Landscaping can help to correct for problems that you might have encountered in your yard, such as the slope causing drainage problems and standing water, or erosion. With landscaping you can also help prevent intrusive wildlife by setting up barriers, or planting undesirable plants that certain species will avoid. Privacy is the most common call for some landscaping—enjoy your yard with minimal intrusion from curious gazes, unless of course you’re looking to landscape a space to show off to your guests and bring everyone over to have a great time at your outdoor patio BBQ parties!


Big or small—whatever your plans are for your landscaping project, Green Warriors is here to make your vision a reality for you to enjoy with your friends, family, or to retreat to your garden sanctuary and enjoy the peaceful space of your own outdoors.


Booking for 2023 Landscaping projects is  


spot light by Green Warriors
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modern path light by Green Warriors
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path light in winter by Green Warriors
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entrance path light by Green Warriors
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path light with plants by Green Warriors

Outdoor Landscape Lights Installation projects


  Whether you want to add lighting for aesthetics or for security purposes, our professionals can enhance your curb appeal with strategically placed landscape and architectural lighting.

  Do you have any questions about low voltage landscape lighting installation? Contact us for a free consultation anywhere in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

  Reach us now at 905 771 5339 ! We are prompt at answering our phone and email.

 Landscape lighting installation in Concord, Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughan, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Newmarket, Kleinburg, Bradford, King City, East Gwillimbury, Brampton, Aurora, Etobicoke, Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto Ontario

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