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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation in Vaughan, Ontario.

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Green Warriors has installed a number of sprinkler irrigation systems in Vaughan, all of which can be programmed to follow a schedule that is set to comply with the water restriction rules in place. With your irrigation system taking care of the work for you, you are free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about fines or dry grass.


There are many advantages to installing a sprinkler irrigation system. Not only do you get to free up the time you would spend watering your lawn—so that you can actually enjoy your beautiful green grass—but your irrigation system will also do a better job of watering the grass evenly, which saves you money, and works to create a healthier environment for the grass to thrive in.


When you have an in-ground irrigation system, you are losing less water to evaporation during those hot summer days. The sprinkler system will only use just the right amount of water that the grass needs to grow healthy and green. This saves you money on the water bill every month that your sprinklers are working to manage the moisture in the soil, and because the irrigation system also distributes the water evenly across the grass, it prevents any standing water from forming to become a breeding ground for plant disease, or fungi and molds. Consistently watered grass is healthy grass, and healthy grass grows thick and lush, and leaves less room for weeds to try to establish themselves. A drip irrigation system is even more precise in that it will deliver the necessary water directly to the root ball of the plants in your garden, minimizing moisture loss to evaporation, and prevents any weeds that are trying to take up garden space from getting the water they need to establish themselves without a struggle.


The freedom from hand watering alone is worth the investment of installing a sprinkler irrigation system. The amount of time you will get to spend doing what you love is worth the cost, nevermind the savings you see in your water bill thanks to your sprinklers. There is a lot of freedom of mind from worrying about the restriction times and watering on the right days, when all you need to do is set up the program that your automatic sprinkler system will follow. The sprinkler system will take care of watering the grass even while you are away—no more need to make arrangements with friends, family, or neighbours, and with Wifi controllers available, you can even check on the irrigation system during your travels, and come home to a lush green lawn rather than a dead one.


Your sprinkler irrigation system will serve you for a long time when it is professionally installed and properly maintained, up to a decade or more. This investment also benefits the value of your property, because when your lawn is being watered by the irrigation system, the aesthetic curb appeal that your beautiful lawn provides will raise the value of your home. Once you have your in-ground irrigation system installed, you will wonder how you ever watered without one!

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The city of Vaughan Water Use By-Law

The City of Vaughan has been listed as one of the top places to live in Ontario—and even all of Canada. Located north of Toronto, with easy access to Downtown, Vaughan has its own attractions that draws in residents of multiple cultures and backgrounds to settle in the city that is continuing to grow, after seeing a boom in its population that lasted a decade after starting in the mid 90’s.


The City of Vaughan is made up of a number of charming and lively neighbourhoods, including Maple, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Thornhill, and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. These communities have everything you need, including parks, trails, green spaces, the famous Canada’s Wonderland, a Lego Discovery Centre, shopping centres (which includes Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre), and more, all of which is more than enough to keep everyone active and entertained. You can also find safe, suburban neighbourhoods for your family in Vaughan, as well as great family-friendly recreational areas and environments, and accessible amenities. The transportation system in Vaughan is top-notch, and buses will take you around the city of Vaughan or they can bring you to the GTA, and a subway system is expanding that connects to the Toronto lines.


The City of Vaughan is subject to the water restrictions for outdoor water use from May 15th - Sept. 30th by the “Supply and Use of Water By-law177-2016”, which helps to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water for everyone in Vaughan. Residents of the city are allowed to water their properties from 6:00 am – 9:00 am, and from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm on any calendar day, with even numbered houses restricted to watering their lawns on even numbered days, and odd numbered houses to water on odd numbered days in Vaughan. Freshly laid sod, and newly planted shrubs and trees to be exempt from the By-law restrictions in the City of Vaughan for a four week period after installation.


For Vaughan’s industrial, commercial and institutional properties, watering is restricted to a period of three hours—maximum—and only during the hours between 12:00 am – 7:00 am, on any given calendar day.


During any times where further water restrictions are implemented, all Vaughan residents are asked to refrain from outdoor water use. Anyone violating the restrictions when watering is prohibited can be fined up to $5,000.00 in Vaughan, under the “Outdoor Water Use Ban” issued under By-law 177-2016.

Some exemptions exist, however, for certain functions and businesses.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.

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