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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation in Toronto, Ontario.

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Green Warriors has installed a number of sprinkler irrigation systems in Toronto, all of which can be programmed to follow a schedule that is set to comply with the water restriction rules in place. With your irrigation system taking care of the work for you, you are free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about dry grass.


With a sprinkler irrigation system, you will get to enjoy all of the events and entertainment that Toronto offers without having to worry about making time to care for your grass—your lawn will be watered by the automatic irrigation settings. The sprinkler irrigation system can be programmed to meet your lawn’s needs, and not a drop more. This is what makes having an irrigation system a great investment, that you get to SAVE money on your monthly water bills because the sprinklers are watering your lawn with exactly what it needs.


When an irrigation system waters your lawn, it will water it evenly, which is a very difficult task to do by hand. The irrigation system ends up saving you not only money, but time! You get to spend your newfound time doing what you love, spending it with your family, and enjoying everything that your city has to offer—which in Toronto can be a lot of events and entertainment. The irrigation system, when properly cared for and maintained can also last up to a decade, so the money you spend to have one installed is not only returned, but the time it saves really justifies the purchase. And with modern sprinkler systems, you can keep track of your watering settings with a Wifi controller even while you are away! MORE time is saved from having to find someone to help you take care of the grass when you travel, because your automated irrigation system will be programmed to keep your grass watered so that you can return home to a healthy, green lawn, instead of a dead one.


When your sprinkler irrigation system is watering the grass, you can also expect to have less problems with plant disease, mould, or fungi, since the sprinklers will water your lawn in a way that helps to prevent standing water where those problems would occur. A drip irrigation system will send water directly to the root ball of the plants, and practically eliminate excessive water loss to evaporation. This is also helpful in preventing weeds from taking root in your lawn or garden bed, since the irrigation system is keeping you grass healthy, and with a healthy root system there is little place for weeds to be able to establish themselves.


The value of your property will also be increased when you have that gorgeous curb appeal thanks to your sprinkler irrigation system! Saving time, money, hassle, and even increasing the value of your home are all wonderful benefits to having a sprinkler irrigation system help you maintain a great yard that you want to—and have time to—enjoy all summer long.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.

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Booking for 2024 Irrigation system Installation in Toronto is  OPEN!

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Toronto Water Use By-Law

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, as well as its most diverse. Toronto is also the provincial capital city of Ontario, in the southern part of the province. Toronto began as a port city on Lake Ontario, and has grown over time in to the massive Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a population of over 6 million people—close to half of that number resides in the City of Toronto itself. Toronto happens to be close to the United States, and a 2 hour drive will bring you to the border at Buffalo, NY.


Toronto is located in Southern Ontario’s ‘Golden Horseshoe’, with a population of 8 million people, it holds a quarter of the total population of Canada. Toronto is known as not just Canada’s, but one of the world’s most diverse, multi-cultural cities, where over 140 languages and dialects are spoken, and nearly half of the population has immigrated from outside of Canada.

Toronto is also Canada’s banking and financial capital and that is where you can find the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is also the third largest concentration of private IT companies—only New York and San Francisco have more than Toronto. The city has also made the top ten list of Forbes’ “World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities”. Toronto is an industrial centre, along with the city’s surrounding municipalities, producing over 50% of Canada’s manufacturing, with plenty of natural resources like hydroelectricity, as well as raw materials found in Ontario.

Toronto is home to three universities: Ryerson, York University, and one of the most prestigious post-secondary institutions—The University of Toronto, as well as a few community colleges. Toronto is also home to a vibrant nightlife, it is also a major performing arts centre, has 6 major sports teams (hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and lacrosse), and loads of restaurants with fabulously diverse options because of the multicultural presence in the city. Getting around the city is easy when you take the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which helps get you anywhere in the GTA without a car, as it is the third largest public transit system in North America. The reliable network includes busses, trams, and an underground subway system, which helps Toronto maintain its status as one of the top 50 cleanest major metropolitan cities. Helping to keep it clean, Toronto’s Green Bin program is environmentally progressive for how it manages waste.

You will find 50 km of waterfront in Toronto on Lake Ontario, with parks, beaches, marinas, and trails to enjoy some outdoor life without having to leave the city itself, never-mind the options available nearby in the GTA. The city is largely flat land, with few hills, and with a climate that is partially affected by its location on the Great Lakes. The summers are a little hot and humid, and the winters are cold even though they are not as extreme as in other parts of Canada. 

The City of Toronto doesn’t have outdoor water use restrictions during the summer, unlike most other cities, however they recommend that watering the lawn is done only once a week, and during off-peak hours which are between 11:00 pm - 8:00 am.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.


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