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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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  Green Warriors has installed a number of sprinkler irrigation systems in Richmond Hill, all of which can be programmed to follow a schedule that is set to comply with the water restriction rules in place. With your irrigation system taking care of the work for you, you are free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about fines or dry grass.


  An irrigation system is an environmentally friendly investment. Not only will the sprinkler system increase the value of your property, but the convenience of having one will save you time and money over watering your lawn by hand. The sprinkler irrigation system is also helpful in preventing uneven watering. When Green Warriors installs irrigation systems, we make sure that it will cover all the right places and adjust any sprinklers into place so that your lawn is being adequately watered.


  With the sprinkler system in place, setting a program scheduled for the ideal time of day to water (following the City of Richmond Hill By-laws, of course) is the hardest part of keeping your lawn watered. Sprinkler irrigation systems allow for more flexibility in your own schedule—watering the lawn becomes simple when you are out of town, no need to ask friends or neighbours for help, your sprinkler system takes care of things while you’re away.


  Grass loves being watered consistently, and when you have a sprinkler system, the plants will be reliably taken care of at the regular intervals that can be programmed to suit your lawn’s needs. The sprinkler irrigation system will also benefit your lawn by helping to reduce fungi, diseases, and even weeds. Watering by hand can cause standing water in your lawn due to the difficulty of even distribution, but having an irrigation system allows for efficient coverage of the grass and prevents the type of environment fungi and diseases flourish in from forming in your yard.


  There are different types of irrigation systems available. Sprinkler irrigation systems are the most common type, and most effective in covering large sodded ares. Drip irrigation systems target the roots of plants beneath the soil by feeding the root ball water directly, which practically eliminates water loss to evaporation, and are great for installing in your garden beds. Drip irrigation systems help reduce the weeds in your garden bed by providing targeted water only to the desired plants to help them thrive while the weeds struggle to establish themselves.


  We enjoy being at home more when we spend less time taking care of it, and by investing in an irrigation system for your property, your future will be gifted with lower monthly water bills, a healthy, vibrant lawn, and most importantly—more time to spend doing what you want to do instead of what you have to do.


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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.

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The city of Richmond Hill Water Use By-Law

  Canada’s youngest city—Richmond Hill, Ontario—is a beautiful city to reside in. Having gained the official status as a city in March 2019, the Town of Richmond Hill changed its name to now be known as the City of Richmond Hill. The tree-lined streets of Richmond Hill are home to some beautiful structures that are modern condominiums, as well as peaceful suburbs, historic streets, and lots of parks and natural areas to enjoy scenic walks. Residents are encouraged to keep their lawns looking beautiful with annual awards recognizing exceptionally well-kept gardens, and community gardens bring their members together to socialize and maintain the gardens to cultivate produce to be enjoyed by the community and donated to charities. There is no doubt that Richmond Hill is as friendly as it is rumoured to be, and a perfect place for families, retirees, and professionals to enjoy.

  Located in York Region, to the north of Toronto, the City of Richmond Hill gives you all of the dynamic city life with an escape to the quiet of the peaceful suburbs at hand.

Rolling hills, meadows, valleys, wetlands, rivers, lakes and forests can all be found in Richmond Hill’s natural areas, with the most important and fascinating being the Oak Ridges Moraine, as it also happens to be an important source of drinking water for much of Ontario.

To protect the environment and maintain water reserves, the City of Richmond Hill has a Water Use Conservation By-law which limits outdoor water use anywhere in Richmond Hill from June 15th to September 30th.

  With an irrigation system installed in your lawn, you will be able to effortlessly follow Richmond Hill's Water Use Conservation By-law, while maintaining a beautiful, lush green lawn on your property.

  During the hottest months of the year, the By-law in effect has these restrictions in the city of Richmond Hill:


•     Houses with odd numbers are to use water on odd numbered days from 12 am - 6 am and between 7 pm - 10 pm, for a maximum of 4 hours.

•     Houses with even numbers are to use water on even numbered days from 12 am - 6 am and between 7 pm - 10 pm, for a maximum of 4 hours.


  There are two exceptions to Richmond Hill's Water Use Conservation By-law:
1) If there is a total water ban in Richmond Hill, then no water may be used at all outdoors.

2) If new sod has been laid, Richmond Hill allows it to be watered on any day and at any time of day for one month.

  Anyone residing in Richmond Hill that does not follow the rules for outdoor water use during the summer is subject to being fined according to the Provincial Offences Act.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.

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   Do you have any questions about irrigation sprinkler system installation in Richmond Hil? Contact Green Warriors company for a free consultation!

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