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Underground Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation in Markham, Ontario.

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Green Warriors has installed a number of sprinkler irrigation systems in Markham, all of which can be programmed to follow a schedule that is set to comply with the water restriction rules in place. With your irrigation system taking care of the work for you, you are free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about fines or dry grass.


There are many benefits to having a sprinkler irrigation system installed on your property. An irrigation system will optimize your watering schedule, and free you from the most time-consuming task—the hassle of regularly watering your lawn. A sprinkler system will take care of the watering for you once you program it to follow the schedule your lawn needs, and keep your grass looking green and lush throughout the whole season.


After the installation, quickly programming your irrigation system will be the hardest part of watering your lawn. Leaving your home to travel is less of a hassle too, your lawn will be watered by your sprinkler system while you are away, following the program in place—no more asking favours from your friends and neighbours before you go, your irrigation system will take care of things and leave you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will come home to healthy, happy green grass and not a dead lawn.


Regular watering makes the grass grow thick and healthy, and thick and healthy grass doesn’t allow room for weeds to establish themselves, which is a surprising benefit to having an irrigation system do the watering for you. With a drip irrigation system in your garden, your plants will have the water targeted to be fed directly to their root ball, which also helps with not only preventing water loss to evaporation, but also to depriving the weeds of water where they will now struggle to grow in the garden bed.


After the initial investment, the sprinkler irrigation system will even save you money—your monthly water bill will be reduced because of the efficient watering of your property. Your property value also increases when you have an irrigation system installed. The irrigation system will cover the grassy areas evenly and distribute the precise amount of water for your grass to grow healthy and strong, all the while reducing the amount of water lost to evaporation, as well as preventing the formation of standing water that could lead to fungal infection or plant disease in your lawn.


An in-ground sprinkler irrigation system benefits your property aesthetically,—your beautiful green lawn—financially,—savings on your water bill—and conveniently—more time spent doing what you love.

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The city of Markham Water Use By-Law

The City of Markham is located in York Region, Ontario, and is only (approximately) 30 km away from Downtown Toronto. Founded in 1791, Markham was primarily used for agriculture originally. Today, the city of Markham is the High-Tech Capital of Canada, due to being the home to over 1000 technology and life sciences companies, including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, and General Motors, who employ over one fifth of the total workforce.


The Town of Markham became the City of Markham officially in May, 2012, and is made up of a number of distinctive communities that were established in the 19th-century
Markham happens to be the 7th largest municipality in Ontario, and has the largest population in York Region. Two of the communities in Markham are seen as separate—Thornhill and Unionville, with Unionville having 3 of its own sub-communities.


The city of Markham’s formidable diversity will have you find over 65 different cultures and spoken languages, almost 78% of the population’s ethnicities being visible minority groups. This is what makes Markham the most diverse city in Canada.


On top of being high-tech, diverse, with a rich history and heritage streets, Markham also has 22 km of scenic pathways and many parks to enjoy, and in the green spaces you can find valleys, ravines and woodlots that are natural habitats for a variety of plants and wildlife.


The City of Markham’s Water Use and Standing Water By-law applies to all homeowners in Markham. The city’s water supply gets regulated, as per “Water Use By-law 2019-53”, restricting lawn watering between June 2st – September 30th every year.


During the hottest part of the day when evaporation is most prominent, no watering is permitted at all. Markham homeowners may water their lawns EITHER in the morning: 6:00 am – 9:00 am, or in the evening: 6:00 pm – 9:00pm, but NOT both.


Properties with even numbered houses may water their lawns on even numbered days, and properties with odd numbered houses may water their lawns on odd numbered days. These watering restrictions are applicable during a water ban, and they don’t apply to new sod—you may water the new grass for 2 months after sod installation to allow it to become established. For the best results after sod installation, the new grass needs to be watered regularly and consistently—a hassle easily taken care of with a sprinkler irrigation system. Effortlessly follow the City of Markham’s Water Use and Standing Water By-law with a sprinkler irrigation system installed in your lawn.

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for details on our installation process, warranty and maintenance.

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