Landscaping Maintenance for Rental Properties

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Are you looking to advance your rental property's landscaping?

As a property owner, you have too many tasks and responsibilities to worry about.

Oftentimes, you probably prioritize tasks such as rent collection and repairs. While those are

important, you must not forget about your landscaping duties as well. Many property

owners don’t give this responsibility enough attention, but they should!

There are many reasons you should prioritize the landscaping of your rental property.

Regular upkeep improves the curb appeal, boosts tenant satisfaction, and minimizes the

need for costly repairs.

In this article, Real Canadian Management Solutions in collaboration with Green Warriors Landscaping explore the best landscaping maintenance practices for rental properties. If you apply these tips to your rental, you will raise the value of your investment property and cut the tenant turnover rate.

#1: Ensure Adequate Drainage

Insufficient landscaping will likely to create drainage issues. Inspect the yard for water traps,

inefficient plant bed layouts, and large objects that could block proper drainage.

Whenever your tenants mention any drainage issues, schedule a thorough inspection

immediately. Fixing the problems in the early stages is important. You'll save on the

expenses of repairing long-term damage.

#2: Consider the Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

Over the years, more and more people invest in artificial lawns. The upfront costs for the

materials and installation may be quite high, but you'll enjoy a low-maintenance option for

years to come. Plus, it's a prime choice for pet-friendly rentals.

It’s also important to note the quality of the artificial lawn. Some low-quality ones are very

cheap, but they don’t provide the nicest look and feel. For a rental property, you want to get

a mid-range and upscale type of artificial grass. This will be a good option to attract potential


#3: Plant Plenty of Perennials

Perennial plants work well in rental properties because they don’t require a lot of

maintenance. Opting for perennials means that your property's yard will be full of beautiful

flowers that withstand hot summers and periods of drought.

Here are some of the perennials you can consider for your investment property:

 Evergold

 Hosta

 Lavender

 Purple Coneflower

 Hydrangea

 Peony

 Shasta Daisy

 Lady's Mantle

#4: Pay Attention to Trees

It’s important to monitor the trees in your rental property’s yard. If trees are too close to the

property, it can impact the foundation of the home. This is because as trees grow, so do their


So, if there is a large tree, it should be at least 30 feet away from the home. If there’s a small

one, it should be at least 10 feet away.

#5: Install Paving Stones

Paving stones may be less durable than concrete, but the installation is easier, and the

aesthetic is more attractive. Plus, if a stone cracks, you can quickly replace it without

incurring any steep costs.

Paving stones can be used in many areas surroundings your rental property. For instance,

you could add them to the walkway, patio, and driveway. Additionally, paving stones work

great for creating borders between any adjacent areas in the yard.

#6: Create Areas Suitable for Pets

Do you have a pet-friendly rental property? If so, your landscaping maintenance should

reflect the unique needs of the pets and their owners.

Here are some landscaping ideas for animal-friendly rentals:

 Choose plant varieties that naturally resist the damaging effects of pet urine.

 Opt for pet-friendly landscaping materials such as pea gravel or little pebbles.

 Install a digging pit for dogs that allow them to relieve their natural urge for digging.

 Design “Pets Only” areas in the yard to decrease the risk of pet-related damages.

#7: Limit Grass to a Minimum

Mowing a lawn regularly is the only thing that keeps large patches of grass from looking

unkempt. Since large lawns require more time and effort, it’s best to keep the grass in your

rental property to a minimum.

A solid strategy to boost your property’s curb appeal is to leave plenty of grass in the front

yard. However, you should consider eliminate as much grass as possible in the backyard.

Stone pavers, an outdoor gym, a concrete patio, and an open-air kitchen are just a few ways

that you can use the outdoor space. This way, you'll cut down on the upkeep needs and

create a more functional outdoor space.

The Bottom Line: Landscaping Maintenance for Rental Properties

Remember that landscaping is a very important duty for all property owners. It’s normal that

you have other crucial responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean landscaping should be

forgotten about. It should be part of your regular maintenance routine.

Not prioritizing landscaping maintenance leads to a serious loss of curb appeal and

unsatisfied tenants. That's why it’s important that you invest some time and money into

keeping your landscaping on point.

As a general review, these are our top ideas for rental property landscaping maintenance:

 Install paving stones for a durable and attractive hardscaping solution.

 Limit the grass around your rental unit.

 Make sure there is proper drainage in the yard.

 Establish pet-friendly areas surrounding your investment property.

 Consider planting perennial flowers for low-maintenance and natural beauty.

 Weigh the pros and cons of installing an artificial lawn.


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